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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Anchors of Truth

I read these on Meghan's blog, and I wanted to share them on mine as well.
(Thanks Meghan!)

Anchor of Truth Number #1. Focus on where you are today and where you are going.
· The first question asked by Father in Heaven after Adam and Eve partook of the forbidden fruit was:
•Adam, where art thou? (Gen 3:9) and
•Adam, where goest thou? (Mose 4:15)

Our Father in Heaven is more concerned about where you are now and where you are going. Don’t dwell on the past. Focus on where you are today and what direction you are headed.

I was told this at the beginning of my pregnancy. The action was a bad choice, but my baby was not a mistake. All that mattered was where I decided to go from there. I couldn't undo it, so I needed to focus on what life I was going to give my little boy.

Anchor of Truth #2. Our Father in Heaven sees us as our Best Self:
How do we view ourselves? How do we view others? How does our Father in Heaven view us, and how does he view those around us?

I remember going to LDS Family Services early in my pregnancy, with a very low self-image and feeling like I was completely worthless. I also looked at other people sitting in the waiting room and judged them immediately. As I progressed through my pregnancy, I began to view myself as a strong daughter of God, and became much more compassionate about those around me. After all, the Savior supped with and taught the sinners. Who am I to ever judge another?

Anchor of Truth #3.· Our Savior Weeps with Us, There is a Resurrection and the “If Onlys” do not matter

In Gethsemane, Christ took the sins of every person who had lived, was living, and would live upon himself. He sweat drops of blood. There were times when I thought I wouldn't survive the pain and heartache I was feeling. How humbling, and empowering, to know my older brother, my Savior Jesus Christ, wept for the very same reason I weep, and truly knows the pain I feel. I am not alone, and will continue to live my life so that I will be counted among those who come forward in the first resurrection. 

"What if"s plague me. They kept me awake at night during my pregnancy, and they still find their way into my thoughts when I'm feeling low or vulnerable. Those are the times I'm so incredibly grateful that I have an open adoption, and I was able to develop a relationship with Dave and Amy long before I had decided to place my son for adoption. I always felt (and still feel) that they care about me because of who I am, not just because I am the biological mother of their son. I feel as if Amy is my other sister, and Dave is my other brother. I have heard them bear their testimonies of the gospel, and of eternal families. Meeting them, going through this entire experience has helped me better understand the plan of happiness. I will be connected to my family for eternity - I will never have to fear separation after this life. 

I will marry in the temple. My children will be born in the covenant. I will be an example to my family, and to those around me, of the power of the atonement. I will be grateful every day for my future husband, and my children. David will never wonder if his biological mother loved him - he will always know. He is my motivation to keep moving forward, and to take the second chance I've been handed.  

I love you, little one.  

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