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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day (a day late)

I love Mother's Day. I won't lie, today was a little rough, but overall it went well.

I wish I could say something profound tonight... something that would bring everyone to tears (I'm okay with crying, it heals), but what's in my heart right now is pretty simple.

I love the experience I've gone through. I have two very important mothers in my life - my own mother, who has loved me unconditionally and has never ceased to leave me in awe of her strength, and Amy. Every time I think about Amy my heart feels like it will burst out of my chest. She has become like an older (far displaced) sister to me. More than anything, I'm grateful for what she is doing right now - giving her son (because he IS hers, completely) all of the love, care, and snuggles that he deserves. Little David deserves the world, and Amy is his world (and Dave, but this is a Mother's Day post, look for yours in June!) and I love her more and more every day.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Happy Mother's Day, Amy!


  1. u and ur precious baby are BEYOND adorable :)

  2. Hi Sterling!
    thank you for your email (we wrote you back so hopefully you got ours) and sharing your blog with us, your little boy is beautiful in every way!


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