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Sunday, September 19, 2010

you are NEVER alone

I told someone tonight via Stalkerbook chat (Facebook) the reasons that I keep my blog open to the world, and why I put everything out there.

It's because I wish I had known, a year ago, that I was not alone. The feelings I had, the thoughts that ran through my mind, and the absolute desperation... are all so normal.

I don't keep this blog for praise. For pity. For tears. For attention. I keep it here, for all of you, so that you know that you are NEVER alone. Whoever you are, wherever you are... we love you. (We being birthmothers).

Be strong. Seek others out. There is nothing more valuable in such a difficult trial than a support group that will rally around you.

As my blogging sista, Desha, says, 'adoption luvs'!

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