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Monday, August 30, 2010


I used the word "tizzy" in another post, on another blog. (Yes, I have a few. But this is my favorite. Much dearer to my heart).

I looked up the definition (to make sure I was using the word correctly). Here is what good ol' Webster had to say -

tizzy [noun] a highly excited and distracted state of mind 

and then -
tizzy [noun] (slang) a nervous, excited, or distracted state. dither. 

Have I ever been in a tizzy? 

*giggle* yes! This is a PERFECT word to describe a very common state of mind. 
This is not to say that I'm always distracted or air-headed... but I get nervous and excited easily. 

I was in a tizzy today - thinking all afternoon about the last week of October. 
During the last two weeks of October, I will be doing my esthetics models (waxing, facials, etc.). I will be doing 4 models, one per day, and I can pick any 4 of those 8 days.
During the last week of October, or the 29th to be precise, there is no school. 
I can only miss up to 5 days of school per term. (15 lecture hours)
So... guess what I'm going to be doing that last week of October? (and only missing *4* days of school?)


{David and Amy} are WAY too good to me... 
So I'm in a tizzy. :-) 

Yes, I DID, in fact, photoshop the three of them onto the official vacation advertisement for the State of Florida. :-) (Not a very good job, but I found it highly entertaining).


  1. so exciting! i'm sure you'll have a blast. :D i've gotten negative comments about being a birthmother too, people telling me I'm selfish and things like that. I've learned that they simply don't understand and for the most part let it roll off my back. sigh.

  2. Yea! For Florida and destination vacation Dave, Amy, & little David! To Sterling and all who are amazing young women like herself: no one can ever uderstand completely why you chose the path you did because they haven't walked a mile in your shoes. That's the interesting thing too there no two pair of shoes a like! So while others make judgements and give opinions and call your choices and decisions flawed...if they had really walked in your shoes their current opinion would be flawed. The only approval each of you and for that matter the rest of us need is our Heavenly Father's and Savior's and if you think about it they are the only ones who know all from beginning to end and our Savior has walked in our shoes. That is the opinions in which we should place value. "Be still and know I am God". I marvel at the love and sacrifice you have each made for your children and will continue to make!


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